Increase Sales by 20% in your Fashion Store

with the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence

Your total sales can be dramatically increased when you take full advantage of AI, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

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What do customers really want to buy

How to find out what people are ready to pay for?

  • Let them show you what they want and track it.

Many users leave the store without buying anything

  • Inspire your customers
  • Improve the search experience
  • Enable Shop-The-Look.
  • Help them to Complete-The-Look.

How to keep up with the big retailers

Big retailers, like Amazon, Target and eBay deploy AI technologies. They hire armies of PhDs and farms of servers, but what are the options for medium- or small-sized retailers?

  • Hire an expert agency to implement AI in your store.

How to convert mobile users?

Mobile devices have become the key element in the customer journey. How to consumers on mobile?

  • Roll out your own chatbot on Facebook’s Messenger and iMessage


An Artificial Intelligence API to enable your users to get exactly what they want in your store

Enable your users to:

Shop the Look

We enable your users show you what they want. A user snaps a picture, we process the image to identify all the relevant items and we match the items in your store. Many searches with one click to get the full outfit!

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Complete the Look

A little inspiration goes a long way. Inspire your customers on what to wear and how to combine pieces to create the perfect look.

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Find Similar Items

There is no need to use words to search. We automatically find items that look similar, so it is easy to find substitutes, even when the exact product is not available in the store.

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Tweak & Pick

Customization creates ownership. Starting from an image, users can tweak the product they seek, modifying the attributes they wish.

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Chat with your Store

With the latest technology in AI, users can chat with your store to find what they seek through Facebook Messenger, iMessenger and other platfforms.

We offer more possibilities to meet your needs in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.