Showcasing at Supernova!

October 1, 2018

From 27 until the 30th of September Supernova took place in Antwerpen. The first edition of this technology festival was immediately a success. The first 2 days of this event were filled with a conference of modern leaders who shared their thoughts about the future, and pitching sessions, introducing promising technology companies. In addition, Supernova also hosted a tech fair and interactive workshops, enabling visitors to experience how scientists see our future.

Macty attended the last 2 days of this event and exhibited together with Van De Velde, a leading Belgian lingerie company. We partnered up with Van De Velde to launch the “complete the look” demo. This tool showcases the product’s ability to leverage AI, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to make sophisticated product suggestions to customers and boost the profits of retailers. Macty’s software supports the personalized customer experience that Van De Velde wants to deliver with its innovative project “The fitting room of the future”. People attending the event got a first peak of this new product.